Upgrading your Basic / Standard Package

Table of Contents
1. Basic Package Holders
2. Standard Package Holders

Basic Package Holders

  • If you currently own a Basic Package you may choose to upgrade to the Standard Package or the Deluxe Package.
  • If you upgrade to the Standard Package, you will only receive the contents listed under Standard Package.
  • If you upgrade to the Deluxe Package, you will not receive contents from the Standard Package and the Deluxe Package. You will only receive the content listed under Deluxe Package.



Standard Package Holders

  • The image provided below is for all Standard Package holders as this is what you will see if you are thinking about upgrading.
  • [Only for package holders prior to May 2017] If you are one of the Standard Package holders prior to our updated content (updated in May 2017) you will not receive the updated contents of the Standard Package if you upgrade to the Deluxe Package. If you decide to upgrade to the Deluxe Package you will only receive the items shown and not the full contents of the 90.00 EUR Deluxe Package (only the items shown below). KBPacksUpgrade.png


Upgrade Bundles are not eligible for a refund.



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