Steam Launcher Error Codes

Error 3 & 901 & 903

This error is usually caused when a problem with your network is occurring.  Try checking your connection and launching Black Desert Online again.  If the issue still persists, check out this article:


Error 5

Oh no! Looks like there’s an issue with your account status.  Send us a ticket and our GMs will look into it right away.


Error 8

This error is caused when there’s an issue with starting the client, check to make sure your computer meets our system requirements.  If it does, submit a technical ticket to our GMs and we’ll help you assess the problem.


Error 10

Steam failed to initialize when launching Black Desert Online.  To fix this, simply run Black Desert Online with Administrator rights.  If the issue still persists, try restarting your computer and you should be good to go.


Error 11

This error occurs when Black Desert Online is launched without being logged into Steam.  Close the game client and log in to Steam and launch the client again.


Error 201 & 202 & 203

With these error codes, something is amiss with your Steam session.  A simple restart will fix up the problem and you’ll be back to playing.

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