How to Extract a Crystal


Have you ever wanted to remove a crystal from a piece of equipment without destroying it? It's possible with the Black Spirit Essence or Crystal Extraction Tool!

Black Spirit Essence can be purchased in the Pearl Shop.

The Crystal Extraction Tool can be obtained during certain in-game events.

You will need to visit a Blacksmith to use it. You will not be able to use the Essence/Tool if you extract a crystal through your Black Spirit.


Once you've pressed the "Extraction" button, choose the "Extract Crystal" option":


In the next window, you can select the piece of gear where you wish to extract the crystal from.

Attention: Make sure to use the Black Spirit Essence/Crystal Extraction choosing one of the options in the bottom right corner.

The Black Spirit Essence / Crystal Extraction Tool will not be automatically used unless you choose it.



If a Black Spirit Essence or Crystal Extraction Tool is selected it will form a glowing line between the crystal and weapon/armor, as well as show the Black Spirit Essence/Crystal Extraction Tool.

After this, press the "Extract" button. This will prompt a message to confirm that you want to remove the crystal in question.


You will then find the crystal and gear intact in your inventory.

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