Graphical issues

Black world, overlaying windows and a generally rough UI

Issue: This is a graphics driver issue with AMD cards. UI movements will glitch out, with a high possibility the game textures look corrupted or completely black.

Solution: Downgrade to driver version 16.12.2 by downloading it here.


• Other players' effects are not visible, even with the "Remove other players' effects" option turned off

Issue: While the Remove other players' effects option will indeed turn the effects invisible, this is not the only one with this behavior. Auto Frame Optimizer will also remove other players' effects (and pets!) in order to boost FPS, in case they fall below the user specified borderline.

Solution: Disable "Auto Frame Optimizer" in the Game settings.


• Game looks "pixely" even with the game resolution setting set to the appropriate monitor resolution specifications.

Issue: This is caused due to the Upscale option being turned on in the Optimization Options, in order to increase performance.

Solution: Turn "Upscale" option off.​


• Textures/NPCs popping in

You may have noticed that sometimes textures, NPCs or objects randomly pop on your screen while you move around the world, as if they weren't loaded before.

This is a common and known issue in games with a fully seamless world with no loading screens. Since the position of the textures and objects are streamed, sometimes it will render a bit slower which leads to this popping effect. MMOs where you don't see that usually have several maps connected to each other instead of a real big open area.

You may turn on the "High-end mode" to reduce the effect but it may have a huge impact on your game's performance, as you can see in the following video:​

It's a limitation of the game engine and the issue lies within the draw distance settings. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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