Black Desert Online Steam FAQ

Please contact us if you have any problems with Black Desert Online or your account. For issues with Steam itself, or your initial purchase, you can contact Steam support here.


Steam Account and Launcher FAQ

Can I play Black Desert Online directly from Steam?

Starting from May 24, 2017, Black Desert Online will be available for purchase on Steam. Players who purchase Black Desert Online from Steam will be able to play directly from Steam. There is a one-time Black Desert Online account registration process during the initial game start. Once this has been completed, clicking on the ‘Play’ button for Black Desert Online from the Steam launcher will launch and take you directly into the game.

Will Black Desert Online update via Steam or via the launcher?

The game will patch via the Steam Client.

Can I move my game account from Black Desert Online to Steam?

No. All Steam players will need to create a new Black Desert Online account. Pre-existing accounts will not be able to migrate or sync their accounts with a Steam account.

Do I still need a Black Desert Online website account if I buy the game on Steam?

No, you do not need a website account. When starting the game through Steam for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account that way, and this is the account you will use for the game, as well as the official Black Desert Forums. If you have created a trial account already on the Website, you will need to contact support to get it deleted. Head over to This Article for more information.
Please note that you will not be able to log in on the official Black Desert Website itself with the account you created through Steam. Your account page and all features are available in-game.

To get your Package Goodies, you will need to press the "Redeem" button in the in-game ESC menu. Please head over to This Article for more information on the subject.
If you wish to purchase Kakao Cash, you can do so by pressing the "Purchase" button in the in-game Pearl Shop.

Are there Steam achievements, trading cards or badges for Black Desert Online?

Trading cards will be available at launch and the Steam Achievement system is currently still being developed.

Will Steam players be playing on the same servers as Black Desert Online accounts?

Yes, Black Desert Online operates in a single-world system. Black Desert Online players will all play in the same world, but can freely select servers within that world.

Steam Gameplay and Controller FAQ

Will Black Desert Online support (Steam) controllers?

Yes, Black Desert Online features partial controller support. For using features like chatting, we suggest using a (wireless) keyboard.

Does Black Desert Online support the Steam Link when played from Steam?


What is the difference between the Steam and classic PC versions of Black Desert Online?

Both versions will be identical and updated at the same time. Black Desert Online is frequently updated with free expansions and evolving content.

Steam Billing and Subscription FAQ

Can I use the money I have in my Steam wallet to pay for  Kakao Cash and/or Pearls?


After buying the game on Steam, can I buy Kakao Cash directly from the Black Desert Online website?

No, you can purchase Kakao Cash through Steam.

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