Shakatu Seals

The Shakatu Seals are special seals that are obtainable through various events. You will need to collect many of these seals in order to receive very valuable rewards:

  • 30 = Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box
  • 30 = Nouver's Sealed Sub-weapon Box
  • 30 = Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box
  • 50 = Dim Tree Spirit Armor
  • 50 = Muskan's Shoes
  • 50 = Ship License: Epheria Sailboat
  • 50 = PRI: Ogre Ring
  • 70 = Dandelion Weapon Box
  • 70 = Tungrad Necklace
  • 70 = Tier 8 Horse (S: Instant Accel)
  • 100 = DUO: Ogre Ring
  • 100 = DUO: Tungrad Earring
  • 150 = Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 Days)
  • 150 = Main Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 days)
  • 150 = Sub-Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 Days)

The NPC where you can trade in these items can be found near the Valencian Desert:


If you right click on the Shakatu Seals, it will point you automatically to the correct NPC

Make sure to hold onto these Seals as we will be giving away more as various events are launched. These are not to be viewed as temporary, so make sure to store there somewhere safe so you do not lose them.

Due to the rarity of the seals and the very nice rewards you can get from them, it is supposed to take multiple events over a longer period of time before you can collect enough seals for one of the boxes.

Unfortunately, support will not be assisting with any missed events, and we will not be sending out any extra seals to anyone.

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