Can I switch my account over to Steam?

We completely understand players’ desire to move over to Steam, however it’s not possible to switch a Website service account to a Steam account.

If you currently have a Website service account and you wish to play through Steam, you will need to re-purchase your Game Pass through Steam and make a new account.
You will NOT be able to retain progress from your pre-existing account if you repurchase via Steam.

However, if you just wish to add Black Desert Online to your Steam library and not officially play on the Steam platform you can easily do so!
Please note that using this method does NOT convert your Website service BDO account to a Steam account.  It simply allows you to "launch" the normal BDO launcher through Steam and have your Steam friends see what game you are playing.


  1. Go to your Steam library and at the bottom of the window click "ADD A GAME..."
  2. Then click "Add a non-steam game" and in the popup find Black Desert Online on the list or browse to the .exe location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\Black Desert Online Launcher.exe).
  3. Then you're done! You'll be able to launch the live BDO Launcher from Steam!

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