Launcher issues

• Failed to read launcher version

This error can happen when the launcher is unable to contact the server.

The suggested course of action is to:

  1. Flush your DNS & clear TCP/IP
  2. Change your DNS to Google Open DNS
  3. Disable your Proxy Settings

In case the issue is not fixed, please send in a ticket below for further inspection.

• Black Desert Online Launcher.exe is not responding

Issue: The Launcher is crashing before getting to the login screen. Windows triggers a Black Desert Online Launcher.exe is not responding window.

Solution: This is caused due to improper proxy settings. Disabling your Proxy Settings will allow you to access the Launcher.​

• Only background is visible

Issue: Opening the Launcher will show nothing back the background; no buttons, text boxes, news or announcements.
Solution: The file DGCefBrowser.exe in the installation directory needs to be replaced. Download this file and replace your old DGCefBrowser.exe with the new one (simply move the file to the same directory and when prompted by Windows, choose Replace).​

• Launcher background is black

Issue: The main body of the launcher is black, with the top and bottom stripes properly displaying their background image.
Solution: This issue may be related to improperly configured proxy settings. If disabling your Proxy Settings doesn't resolve the problem, please make a ticket attaching a screenshot of the launcher window and a Technical Support agent will troubleshoot the matter with you.​
• Download started all over again
Issue: The launcher starts "downloading" the game all the way from the beginning after it was closed mid-download.

Solution: This is an expected behaviour, although instead of downloading files, what happens is a brief file-check to determine where the download was previously paused on, so the launcher can continue from the previous checkpoint. Don't worry, it doesn't actually download everything all over again.

• Download speed suddenly drops after a specific percentage

Issue: The launcher progress bar starts with an incredibly high speed and suddenly drops after reaching a specific percentage.

Solution: This is an expected behaviour and related to the previous issue/point, as the file-check will operate based on your storage device's read speed, and will switch to your internet download speed once the previous checkpoint has been determined.

• "Your country is restricted from accessing our service" error while within our territory of service, or inside military bases

Issue: The launcher will bring up this error if it detects your IP to be outside the territory of service. While it is accurate 99% of the times, there might be cases where players within the territory of service as detected as outside of it.

Solution: Please contact the customer support mentioning your IP address, and a technical support agent will whitelist you upon investigation. In case you are stationed in a military base, request for a static IP from your technical department


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