GM Impersonation


Because of the mechanics of the name filter, we have not blocked the GM_ Prefix in names, or even our GMs wouldn't be able to use it!

Even though it is possible to use GM_ in a player name, it is against our policies for a player to do so.

At the very least we will change the name and if the player is actually threatening other players or claiming to have special powers, a suspension (and possibly more..) will be applied to the account.

Tips for recognizing a real GM:

1. If a GM talks in-game, no matter what channel, their text will appear in bright green color.


2. Ask the GM to reveal themselves, the GM Armor is unique and easily recognizable.

3. If the GM asks for your password, it's not a GM! We will never ask for your password!

Every GM has a work account with all the magical powers attached to it. We also have personal accounts too, these are normal accounts and we follow all the same rules you do, no special items or head starts. Because of course, we love to play too!

We hope this will help clear up some confusion.

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