How to use the Coupon Book

Using these coupons is simple and straight forward and we created this handy little visual guide to assist you during each step.


  • Start off finding an item you would like to purchase in the pearl store and choose the three coins Purchase icon located at the bottom right of the screen. The section has been highlighted below:


  • This will automatically open both the Purchase screen and Coupon Book, however note that nothing has been applied yet:

  • Select the coupon you wish to use and it will be applied to the price shown in the Purchase screen:

  • Note that the Coupon Book does not work for bulk buys using the cart:


We hope that this guide helps you to use your coupons and you buy something nice ^^

If you have any other questions, please browse through the Knowledge Base and our Forums and seek out an answer. If you find that your answer is not available, create a ticket below and one of our friendly Game Masters will be with you soon.

Good luck!

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