Valentine's Popularity Contest

For this event, players can craft Valentine's Day Chocolate. Gift it to the NPC of your choice from a selection of assembled NPCs in five major cities: Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, and Valencia City. Players can use the chocolate to cast their vote on a popularity contest for these NPCs. Cast your vote for which NPC you think will be most popular, the most popular NPCs will be selected based on the total number of votes they receive, and you will have a chance at winning the grand prize!  

Below are the Customer Support policies for this event, and below that is a detailed guide on exactly what to do.

Start: Feb. 9th, 2017

End: Feb. 23rd, 2017



Customer Support understands that some problems might occur during this event, and as always, we're here to help.

We will do everything we can to solve all of the event tickets, however we are expecting a large influx due to this event! Because of this we have decided to set a ticket cut-off date of 24 hours before 2/22 maintenance.  We will get to as many tickets as we possibly can, and it may be that we are able to clear tickets that are submitted after the cut-off time.  But, please be aware that if you submit a ticket needing help with this event, after the cut-off time, then there is a high possibility that your ticket will not be reached in-time.

So to repeat, all of the problems/solutions listed below are in affect with the stipulation, that if the ticket is submitted after the cut off time, there's a high chance it wont get processed in time.

1. I accidentally deleted my Cacao Seed Bundle/Cacao Seed/Cacao Power/Chocolate/Thank-you Ticket!

No worries! We'll restore it for you like normal :) Just send in a ticket below and make sure to tell us when you deleted the item.


2. I accidentally voted for the wrong NPC :(

We will switch out 1 vote ticket per account for the duration of the event.  So make sure you're choosing wisely! 


3.  I don't know how to do X in the event!

You can check out the guide below, or submit a ticket and we'll be happy to help clear up some confusion.




There's a couple steps for this event, but as long as you read carefully, you'll be casting your vote in no time.


[Part 1/Week 1]

1. Players will need to purchase a single [Event] Cacao Seed Bundle Item from the loyalty portion of the pearl store, additionally they will need to purchase a [Event] Fence Item.

* There is a limit of 1 Seed Bundle during the first week of the event *


2. Once these have been obtained, simply plant the [Event] Cacao Seed Bundle Item inside the special event fence as you would do with normal farming and await the completion of the growth cycle.


3. Once fully grown, harvest the Cacao Tree to obtain a [Event] Cacao Item, and use Processing [Grinding] (L) to turn the item into [Event] Cacao Powder.


4. Now that you’ve successfully turned the item into [Event] Cacao Powder, visit a nearby merchant to purchase (2x) Mineral Water, and (1x) Sugar. After which use simple cooking (L) to produce (1x) [Event] Chocolate.


5. Players will need to use the [Event] Chocolate to cast their vote for the popularity of one of "x" NPCs in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, or Valencia City.

* The areas highlighted in red are the NPC locations *


6. Once you’ve successfully cast your vote on one of these NPCs, you will immediately receive a thank you letter from the NPC that you must keep safe during the full duration of this event.

* Please note if this item is deleted or lost your vote will be lost unless the item is restored *


[Part 2/Week 2]

After the first week of the event, the mid term results will be shared in a forum post with the community so players are able to see which NPCs are currently most popular.

During the second week of the event players will be able to purchase a single [Event] Cacao Seed Bundle item per day (as opposed to 1 per week for the first week of the event).  Follow the same steps in Part 1 to cast your vote for the second week of the event.


[Event Conclusion]

At the end of the event, player votes will be tallied up based on their maximum number of votes casted for a specific NPC into one of four categories.

Players who cast the most votes for their selected NPC will have a chance to win additional prizes (beyond the participation prize) if their selected NPC is one of the four categories listed.  Please note that phase two is reliant not only on total accumulated votes but luck of the draw as well.


  • Most Popular NPC
  • Second Most Popular NPC
  • Third Most Popular NPC
  • Least Popular NPC

All users who at least participated in the event by casting a minimum of one (1) vote will receive a participation prize.

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