Gifting Trade Deals

Greetings Adventures,

At Kakao Games we look to promote a safe and friendly gaming environment and create a place where everyone can enjoy Black Desert Online to the fullest. Part of our policies to ensure this means we do not tolerate players scamming each other. In the past, we have dealt swiftly with several exploits and punished players harshly for in game scams. Such as deceiving players into sending out Gift Letter of Repayments.

Recently, we’ve become aware of players making deals using the gifting system to offer incentives for placing items on the market place. We would like to offer some transparency on our policies for this.


Player 1 has told Player 2 that he will gift him 1 Horse Armor Set and 2 Pets if Player 2 lists a Dandelion Great Sword on the Market Place.  Player 2 requires the pearl items be sent to him before he lists the item, Player 1 agrees and sends the items.

The gifting system is intended as a way to give items to your friends or loved ones. It is not supposed to be a means to facilitate in game trading. However, since at every stage of the transaction, our normal mechanics are being used, if done honestly, we do not consider this to be a violation of the terms of use.

We want to remind you, there are multiple problems with making this kind of deal. Firstly, even if both parties do everything in their power to make it work, there is no way to be certain the intended person will receive the item from the market place. Secondly, not everyone is honest and people will try to scam you! We strongly urge you not to arrange such a deal unless you are willing to take the risk of losing all of the items involved.

Additionally, anybody caught scamming other players, will have their accounts suspended and all gains removed. This could include item deletion or even downgrading your gear.

Items and/or pearls will not be restored to the gifting player.

We hope this clears up the questions you may have had about these transactions and once again urge you to avoid risking such deals.

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