Owning more than 2 nodes


Hello adventurers!

We have seen some questions arise over time showing confusion about owning more than 2 nodes at a time. To help explain away the mystery, we wrote up this short guide to help detail the system:

Technically, there is no limit to the amount of nodes that a guild can own and instead, each week a guild can place a maximum of 2 node forts which are used to either capture a node, or defend it.

After the Castle Siege that occurs at the end of the week, all node forts are removed, however the node remains under that guilds control.

In a situation where a guild takes control over a node during the Thursday and Friday node wars, both forts will be wiped away later that week and after that, another two forts can be placed allowing the guild to take a node during the Monday and Tuesday node wars.

Right now, the guild has 4 nodes under their control - however the guild has no forts left and cannot defend the Thursday and Friday nodes.

And that's it - its really that simple!

If this has piqued your interested, or shed some further insight into a system that you would like to explore further, then head over to our Warfare Guide to unlock the secrets of conquering your own nodes in Black Desert Online!

We hope this guide helps to answer a few questions! If you have any other questions, please check out the other articles on the Knowledge Base or send in a ticket below.

Good luck adventurers!

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