Maid Guide

Maids are an interesting and fun way to interact with the functions normally found within a settlement when adventuring! To help get you started, we have put together some basic information to guide you through the process. 

Maids can be found within the Pearl Shop for 1,200 Pearls and they come in two forms: the Storage Maid and the Transaction Maid. Once purchased, your maids' contract token will be added to your Pearl Inventory.

Storage Maids:

These maids allow you to move items between your character and the warehouse for the region that your character is currently located in.

Using a storage maid will open up the warehouse inventory in the same fashion as talking to the Warehouse Manager NPC.

Note: Each storage maid can only store/retrieve 1 stack of items every 20 minutes. The maid can only carry a maximum of 100 LT.

Transaction Maids:

These maids allow you to buy and sell items via the Marketplace from anywhere in the world.

Using a transaction maid will open the Marketplace window as if you had talked to a Marketplace Director.

Note: Your maid can only buy/sell 1 item every 20 minutes. You can only use the silver contained within your inventory and the storage from the region that your character is currently located in.

Installing a Maid:

Maids work from one of your residences and this means that you will need to ‘install’ them in one of your homes. This is done in the same fashion as installing house decorations or pieces of furniture.

If you have never done this before, don't worry, it's really simple. First of all, enter the residence that you would like to install the Maid in. Once inside, you will see a “Place Mode” button on the top of your screen, shown below.

Use Place Mode to add or remove maids from your residence.

Pressing this button will change your view rather dramatically and you will see a selection of items on the bottom of the screen. It is here that you will find your Maid Contracts. Once selected, you need to place the Maid in your residence.

Please note that there is a 20-minute cooldown period once a Maid is placed inside a residence before you will be able to use it.

The Maid will be in a T position whilst being placed.

Maid Interface:

After your maid has been placed into your residence, a new icon will be added to your screen, shown below.

Clicking on this icon brings up the Fairy Maid List Interface, showing the status of your Maids.

The most interesting part here is ‘Call’ which is the cooldown period for that particular Maid with the maximum time frame being 20-minutes. Once this timer ends, you can ‘call’ or ‘summon’ the Maid from the Maid List by pressing either the Storage or Marketplace buttons at the bottom of the Fairy Maid List. Your maid should arrive nearby soon.

Removing a Maid:

This is a very simple task and works in the same way as removing a piece of furniture from your residence. Again you will need to return to the residence in question and open “Place Mode”.

When removing your maid, you will be presented with a confirmation Notice popup, shown below. If you select No, then the maid will remain placed in the residence. However, if you select Yes, you will remove the Maid and it will be returned to your Pearl Inventory.

Note that if you place the maid back into your residence, after it has been removed the 20-minute cooldown will apply.

It's worth pointing out that Maids can only be removed from a residence when they are in standby mode. They will not appear in “Place Mode” while they are on cooldown. 

We hope this guide helps answer a few questions! If you have any other issues, please check out our other articles on the Knowledge Base or send in a ticket below.

Good luck adventurers!


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