Bought a Gift Pass and missing the coupon?

After you have purchased a Gift Pass, it will show up on your account page, under the "Gift Pass List":

Please note that it may sometimes take up to 3 hours for the Gift Pass List to be updated after your purchase. We apologise for the waiting time.

When your friend reaches lvl 30, you will be able to select your reward here as well. After you have chosen your reward of choice (Polar Bear or 1000 Pearls), you will find a new Coupon under your "Coupon List":

By pressing the "Available" button, you can choose which server you'd like to receive the reward on. After you've confirmed the server, it will arrive in your ingame mail (B) within 24 hours.

If you are still missing your coupon even after waiting for 24 hours, please send in a ticket below and we'll be able to check what went wrong.

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