Pearl items bought on the Marketplace

Table of Contents
1. How to access the Central Market
2. Purchasing Pearl items


How to access the Central Market



When you hit escape you can find the Central Market menu and start shopping.


Purchasing Pearl items

  • When buying a Pearl item on the Marketplace, it will not immediately be character bound to you.
  • You will be able to move it through the warehouse or resell it as long as you do not activate or equip the item.
  • Once it has been equipped, the item will be permanently bound to that character and cannot be moved or resold.
  • When reselling an item bought on the Marketplace, normal tax will apply. Only Pearl items bought directly from the in-game Pearl Shop will be exempt from Marketplace tax.

Any consumables (such as Value Packs) or pets can unfortunately not be re-sealed by our Support team. Once you use these items, they are applied to your character/account permanently and cannot be removed.

If you have just bought and equipped a Pearl item (such as a costume) and then decide that the item isn't really what you expected, we can offer to re-seal the item for you as long as you send in a ticket with your request within 72 hours after buying the item. Re-sealing the item will revert it to how it was before you equipped it, so you can choose to move or resell the item. Please note that normal tax will apply when reselling it.

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