Santa's Gift Box Guide

This month Santa will be riding around on his sleigh and dropping gift boxes for all the residents of Black Desert Online to race to collect.  When a present drops to the ground you can interact with it by pressing (R) on your keyboard.  

Once you interact with the box you will immediately obtained the item inside.

You can obtain the following items from the Gift Boxes:

  • Christmas Decorated Candle
  • Christmas Lace Wall Decor
  • Christmas Black Spirit Face Wall Decor
  • Christmas Black Spirit Snowball
  • [Event] Hot Chocolate
  • [Event] Santa Hat
  • [Event] Pirate Bandana
  • [Event] Pirate Eye Patch
  • [Event] Pirate Flag
  • [Event] Fox Mask
  • [Event] Deep Bamboo Hat
  • [Event] Medium Energy Tonic
  • [Event] Unknown Dye Box Bundle
  • [Event] Elion's Tear
  • [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)
  • [Event] Magic Carpet
  • [Event] Jack-O-Lantern Mask
  • [Event] Sweet Cone Hat
  • [Event] Wolf Nose
  • [Event] Devil Horn Headband
  • [Event] Cherry Blossom Earring
  • [Event] Taeguk Earring
  • [Event] Taeguk Tattoo
  • [Event] Scarecrow Mask
  • [Event] Max HP Increase Scroll
  • [Event] Stardust Candy
  • [Event] Sour Candy
  • [Event] King Candy
  • [Event] Candy Basket
  • [Event] Small Energy Tonic
  • Roast Chicken

Have fun and good luck!

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